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Document and Process Management

As a central body of the Czech government, the SSHR is responsible for managing state material reserves, including at times of crisis and matters pertaining to oil security. In 2010, in an effort to help support the SSHR’s process of acquiring and distributing resources during crisis situations, DATASYS developed and implemented the KRIZKOM information system.

Built upon the MS SharePoint platform and the Nintex Workflow document superstructure, KRIZKOM provides a robust set of tools that integrate into partner platforms. For SSHR, that meant an accessible, reliable means of document management, including rapid access to important forms, circulation of materials, generation and conversion, and a standardized approval process. In addition, the KRIZKOM system is able to adjust to new government demands, regulations, and advancements in crisis management.
Within the Czech Republic, KRIZKOM is currently being used by nearly 230 municipal offices and 13 regional offices. In addition, it’s being used by individuals within Central Government Administration (i.e. those dealing with crisis situations), central administration of the Fire Rescue Service (HZS), the regional offices of HZS, Prague HZS, the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, the Emergency Reserves, and the Reserves for Humanitarian Aid.
SSHR custom solution
  • Works with data that is segmented by territorial or branch jurisdiction
  • Provides information on state material reserves
  • Displays relevant information for businesses directly involved in the supply plan
  • Allows for the establishment and enforcement of network-wide, unified requests; creates a summary of requests; evaluates requirements that govern the processing of material resources (i.e. determination of materials available for distribution at a given stage)
  • Ensures that if request can not be met by a particular party, for any given reason, that it is passed onto a higher ranking individual
  • Includes an integrated notification system that allows for flexible material resource requests via SMS, email, etc.
  • Status updates continuously inform interested parties about the status of their request(s)
  • Seamlessly connects other approved government bodies, NGOs, and stakeholders to the SSHR system, enabling rapid communication, oversight, and request fulfillment
  • Processes proposals from external partners and updates relevant parties to the status of the outcome
  • Provides information to crisis management authorities regarding foreign humanitarian aid and materials offered

Since the delivery of the KRIZKOM system, DATASYS has provided continual support to ensure optimal efficiency and gradual improvement and upgrades of the system.