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Centralized Documentation Management

As one of the largest utility companies in the Czech Republic, CEZ Group operates a sizeable number of projects and processes at any given time. To unify and regulate all of their operations, they utilize a vast library of supporting documents, including guidelines, requests, and instructions.

At such a large scale, it’s inevitable that the access, distribution, and management of the documents would become cumbersome and difficult to handle. In addition, the need for keeping documents up-to-date and error-proof, which is critical for maintenance & legal reasons, becomes increasingly difficult.

Our solution

To help tackle their document management, we implemented the IBM FileNet Content Manager, which centralized their electronic documents in one place, allowing for easy, reliable access to acquire, distribute, and update documents.

Going further, IBM FileNet Business Process Manager, ensured a flexible, dependable process for modifying or creating new versions of existing documents, which were not affected.


Our solution included customized versions of IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM FileNet Business Process Manager, created using the Java Content Engine API and the Java Process Engine APU as the J2EE application.
The documentation process was designed in the IBM FileNet Process Designer and the application itself integrates with the central codebook system and other applications using SOAP Web Services.

  • Central repository of up-to-date documents has enabled authorized users easy access to relevant and reliable documentation
  • Simplified and transparent means of obtaining the current version of documents
  • Process maps allows for a unified process of creating and publishing documents
  • Flexible means of creating a new version of a document, without affecting the current version